Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Anyone who has read this blog can surely sympathize by now; Raising two daughters isn't always easy. There's a lot of, "I hate you!" and "I wish you were never born!" These types of words are thrown around quite frequently and with reckless abandon.

My wife grew up as an only child, as did her Mother before her. The fighting affects her. She doesn't understand how or why sisters could talk to each other in such a way.

I have a younger brother and a younger sister. It's easy for me to relate to the dynamic of my two daughters. I've been there. It's certainly a love / hate thing. The pendulum swings fast and hard in both directions. Sometimes that pendulum is more like a wrecking ball. If you're not careful, it will take your head off.

But then there are times when the love takes your breath away. It's a love that can't be taught. It's in their DNA.


Tuesday Morning 7am. I step into the shower...

7 year old - Daddy? I'm all dressed!

Out-Numbered - Awesome. Now go wake up your sister.

7 year old - She never wakes up. She's lazy.

Out-Numbered - Tell her if she lets you get her dressed, we'll go to McDonald's for dinner.

7 year old - Tonight?

Out-Numbered - Yes.

7 year old - Cool!

She runs out of the bathroom to wake her little sister...

7 year old - DADDY!!!

She barrels back into the bathroom. I'm still in the shower.

Out-Numbered - What?

7 year old - She's gone.

Out-Numbered - What do you mean she's gone?

7 year old - She's not in her bed.

Out-Numbered - OK. Did you look under the bed?

She darts out of the bathroom to check...

7 year old - She's not there.

Out-Numbered - Did you check in the den?

She scrambles out once more.

I hear her screaming her sister's name throughout the house.

She comes back into the bathroom out of breath and visibly upset.

7 year old - She's not in the den. I don't know where she is.

Out-Numbered - Sweetie, take it easy. She's got to be in the house.

7 year old - THEN WHERE IS SHE?

Out-Numbered - Did you check all of her hiding places? Behind the chair? The closet?

She runs out. I hear her screaming again. The screaming turns into crying.

7 year old - DADDY! SHE'S GONE! SHE'S NOT HERE!!!

I'm nervous. I turn off the shower and grab my towel.

Out-Numbered - She has to be here.

7 year old - Did you hear the alarm go off last night?

Out-Numbered - NO!

7 year old - Then where is she?

We both shuffle through the house. Looking in every room. Every closet. Under every piece of furniture.

My daughter is hysterical. She's genuinely frightened.

Out-Numbered - Calm down baby.

We both call for her in every room. Our calls grow louder with each room that we search.


The kitchen.

My 3 year old is sitting on the floor. She has a candy bar in her hand. She knows she's in trouble.

Out-Numbered - Didn't you hear us calling you?

My 7 year old is sobbing uncontrollably.

7 year old - I didn't see her there.

Out-Numbered - It's OK baby.

7 year old - I'm mad at her.

Out-Numbered - Didn't you hear your sister calling you?

3 year old - Yes.

Out-Numbered - Then why didn't you answer her?

3 year old - I was hungry.

Out-Numbered - Go hug your sister. NOW!

Later that morning in the car with my 3 year old...

Out-Numbered - You really upset your sister today.

3 year old - Why?

Out-Numbered - Because she thought someone took you.

3 year old - So?

Out-Numbered - So, wouldn't you be upset if someone took your sister?

3 year old - No. We can just get another sister.

Out-Numbered - Well OK then...