Monday, October 19, 2009

Ass Blanket: A Love Story...

We've been married for 12 years. A testament to the strength of our union.

We have climbed quite a few mountains along the way and we have also been blessed with more than our share of sunny days.

All those years ago, we looked deep into each others eyes and pledged words that we couldn't have possibly understood until now. We were very young back then.

I fell in love with you the first time I saw you. You looked like Winnie from The Wonder Years. I wanted to become your Fred Savage.

We met at a Halloween party in college. I had a Mohawk. I was dressed like King Diamond. Either you were very brave or very foolish. I still can't believe you let me walk you home.

Time has a way of changing things. It changed our bodies. It changed our dreams. It can break a man's spirit if he lets it whisper in his ear for too long. I have never been afraid of time because I have you. I can count the days and even the years and it never seems to get too far in front of me.

Every season reminds me of us.

The coming of spring reminds me of your laugh. You squeak like a mouse. One of my favorite things about you.

The warm summer breeze conjures up images of holding hands and falling asleep on the beach. I can't think of anything more comforting than the sound of waves crashing and the touch of your hand.

The fall will always be ours. The crisp air was made for us. Every leaf that falls, comes from the eternal tree that has roots in our love.

But The winter is how I know I love you. The mornings are always so cold but your ass is so warm that it makes it impossible to get out of bed.

It warms me like a heavy quilt.

You are my ass blanket. This is our love story.

Out-Numbered by the blessings. So many, I can not count...

Postscript: I registered the Patent for the ®Ass Blanket weeks ago, so don't even try it, Shamwow guy.