Tuesday, September 15, 2009

SONY - Unsanctioned Product Review...

By now I'm sure you have all heard the buzz about Daddy Bloggers getting their turn in the spotlight. It's been all over the web, featured in the The New York Times, as well as, other Global publications.

SONY has started a program called DigiDad by which, various well known and influential Daddy Bloggers are being given a wide range of digital products to review on their web sites. SONY claims that the Daddy Bloggers will not be paid and will have to return the products when they are finished.

SONY hopes that by letting the Dads use their gadgets on their own terms, they will be able to provide fun and honest feedback for their readers about the products.

Great idea SONY!

SONY did
not ask me to review any of their products. Go figure.

Fuck SONY.

Here is my unsanctioned SONY product review.


When my Mother first purchased this semi-digital slice of goodness, she probably had no inclination at the time, what an amazing return on her investment it would provide. When I started Junior High School, it was pretty obvious that I was fast becoming a lazy piece of shit with almost zero sense of responsibility. My Mother, being the wiser, thought that it was time I take on some sort of accountability for my own schedule. With this in mind, she gifted me The SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO.

In my younger years, I certainly did not appreciate the importance and the rarity of fine craftsmanship. Why the fuck would I give a shit anyway? I wasn't paying for it. Looking back on the purchase now, I can honestly say without hesitation that the
SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO, is the greatest single semi-digital product I have ever owned.

This workhorse is 25 years old and it's never once, so much as skipped a tick. Who would have thought that those master Taiwanese craftsmen would touch my life in such a profound way?

Aesthetically, it's nothing more than simple and nothing less than understated; The perfect blend of genuine plastic and faux wood finish. Perhaps its most outstanding quality is the unbelievable durability of the body itself. I'm pretty sure it's been punched, kicked and thrown, as well as, vomited on, peed on and spat at. There's a very good possibility that it has touched my pecker at some point (I got it when I was in Junior High School).

It has never failed! Not once. Quite frankly, it has been the most consistent thing in my life.

For all of the above reasons, I urge you to purchase the
SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO immediately. I'm pretty sure you will be able to find it at a local Garage Sale or even a reputable weekend Flea Market. If you still can't find it, of course Ebay is always an option.

I'm not sure why but I haven't bought a single SONY product since. Technically, I didn't even purchase the
SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO (Thanks Mom!). Either way the SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO has my full Dad Blogger endorsement... Unsanctioned of course.

SONY, no need to thank me for the free PR. I might not be "influential" enough for your DigiDad program but I tell it like it is and the
SONY DREAM MACHINE AM/FM DIGITAL CLOCK RADIO kicks motherfucking alarm clock ass! Nice Work.


Thanks to you, I have never been Out-Numbered in the AM...