Monday, August 10, 2009

Murder Of A Different Color...

Overzealous movie announcer:

In a world... Where evil knows no boundaries. Where blood flows as freely as water in a stream. There stands a house, alone on a hill, hidden in the darkness. Behind the darkness, lurks an unsuspecting father... His world is about to change.

Father - "Oh my God! Where are the girls? HONEY! WHERE ARE THE GIRLS?"

Mother - "They were in the bathroom a minute ago."

Father - "Something's wrong. Something terrible has happened."

Mother - "What? OH MY GOD!"

Father - "GIRLS!"

Mother - "MY BABIES!"

Panic stricken

Father - "It's gonna be OK. We're gonna be OK. Call 911! I'll check the basement."


Running frantically through the house, searching every room. He finally finds the girls. Nothing could have prepared a father for a sight this hideous. No parent should ever have to see his baby like this...

Father - "What the?"

6 1/2 Year Old Daughter - "What?"

2 1/2 Year Old Daughter - "What?"

Father - "Baby, the next time you decide to paint your sister's fingers and toes, please let us know first. OK?"

6 1/2 Year Old Daughter - "OK."

2 1/2 Year Old Daughter - "Daddy, look at my pretty toes!"

Father - "I see baby. They're very pretty..."