Sunday, August 30, 2009

Creepy Is The New Hot...

In the car, on the way to Maine, my older daughter and my wife were playing a game together. I had bought her one of those teen idol magazines to read on the long drive. The game she came up with went something like this:

Seven Year Old - "Hey Mom. How about, first I pick the cutest boys in the picture and then you pick who you think are the cutest boys in the picture?

Wife - "OK. That sounds like a lot of fun."

Seven Year Old - "But you have to pick your 3 favorite boys."

Wife - "OK. That's gonna be tough. They're all adorable."

Seven Year Old - "But you have to say who's the first most cutest, the second most cutest and the third most cutest."

Wife - "I got it. You go first."

Seven Year Old - "No. You go first."

Wife - "OK. Let me see. I say..."

Seven Year Old - "NO! Don't say it out loud. First you pick, then I pick and then we'll see if they are the same."

Wife - "Oh, OK. Hmmm, Let me see. OK, I got my three."

Seven Year Old - "OK, now I go."

Out-Numbered - "Can I play?"

Seven Year Old - "No Daddy, you're a boy."

Out-Numbered - "Whatever."

Seven Year Old - "OK Mom. I'm done."

Wife - "You go first."

Seven Year Old - "No, you go first."

Wife - "OK. My Third favorite is Chace Crawford, because I looooovvvvve Gossip Girls."

Seven Year Old - "Oooh he's cute."

Out-Numbered - "Seriously?"

Seven Year Old - "Daddy be quiet."

Wife - "My Second favorite is Nick Jonas."

Seven Year Old - "Yuck. He creeps me out. Kevin is sooooo much cuter."

Wife - "I disagree."

Seven Year Old - "Whatever."

Wife - "And my First cutest boy is Zac Efron!"

Seven Year Old - "I KNEW IT!"

Out-Numbered - "Zac Efron? What's up with that? He's got a fake tan and he sings like a girl."

Wife - "Jealous much?"

Out-Numbered - "Of who? Wildcats? Please."

Seven Year Old - "Daddy?"

Out-Numbered - "What?"

Seven Year Old - "I think you are more adorable than any of these boys."

Out-Numbered - "Really? That's so sweet baby."

Seven Year Old - "Totally. You're so much cuter."

Shooting my wife my sexiest glance...

Out-Numbered - "That's right baby... Number One Cutest Boy. In your face."

These pretty boys are Out-Numbered by my Hotness...

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