Saturday, August 22, 2009

Arguments With A-Holes - Part IV

In reference to the San Diego Chargers Lightning Bolt Tattoo on my Shoulder; A good friend of mine, once mocked my extreme show of loyalty, by posing the following question:

"Dude, you're also a huge Brady Bunch fan. Why didn't you get a tattoo of Anne B. Davis on your ass?"

Good question, A-Hole friend. My reasoning is as follows;

Ann B. Davis is a lovely woman and a fine actress but she doesn't necessarily embody the true essence of what made The Brady Bunch, so special to me. What made the Brady Bunch so endearing to me, was how those darn kids were able to get past the truly horrific and untimely passing of their respective parents. They coped in such a selfless way. They never once complained or felt sorry for themselves. Each little, remarkable, angel, braver than the next. They did this in order to rally around their surviving parents, Mike and Carol. They did this because they wanted them to be happy. They were also smart enough to know that if Mike and Carol were happy (IE: getting laid), then they would stand a better chance of resuming a normal life. They were right. It is my humble opinion, that Anne B. Davis (AKA: Alice) was only important to the boys and Mr. Brady himself, during this transitional period. I believe that if she were hit by a Mr. Softee truck in episode 2, they would have been more than capable of moving on with no problem.

So, A-Hole friend of mine... Perhaps if you had phrased your question like this;

"Dude, you're also a huge Brady Bunch fan. Why didn't you get a tattoo of all the Brady kid's faces; surrounding Mike and Carol in the shape of a heart. A symbolic gesture of their unconditional love and unbreakable commitment, on your ass?".

This would have been an entirely different discussion and a valid point.

A-Hole friend, it looks as if you are Out-Numbered...

Until next time.

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