Friday, February 20, 2009

Breakfast of Champions Past...

People always ask me, "Why do you have so many disgusting pictures of food on your facebook page?" I always tell them, "I'm paying homage because I can't eat that shit anymore. It kills me." My food photos are like a candle burning in memory of my gluttonous past. I remember every delectable morsel like they were my children. About two years ago I joined Weight Watchers and lost 35 pounds. I made a promise to myself back then, that I'd try to stay healthy for my family. I wanted to be around to watch them grow up. Haven't gained a pound since. Before I had kids I was somehow able to consume food like this on quite a regular basis. Now that I'm older it's just not that easy anymore. Goes right to my hips. I hope to someday enjoy this breakfast of champions once again with my daughters. Maybe just once... If it doesn't kill me first. Oh and I almost forgot. The luscious treat pictured above is comprised of the following, kind of natural and almost organic ingredients:

1 mostly beef patty grilled to charcoaled perfection
1 slice of ALL AMERICAN Cheese - melted
3 slices of crispy, porkolicious bacon
1 Stop-N-Shop fresh egg - sunny side up
3 squirts of grade A Heinze Ketchup (insert awkward flatulence noise here)
salt and pepper
1 sesame seed bun - lightly toasted

My hunger pains are most certainly Out-Numbered...